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About Our Church

Peniel Faith Church was established in the year of 1984 by Apostle D. Deva Sagayam. This church is headquartered in Chennai, India. This church is a place of transformation of lives and restoration of hope.
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Since 1984

Peniel Faith Church

Know Us Better

This church is a place of transformation of lives and restoration of hope. God has blessed and healed many, rejoiced physically, spiritually, and with material blessings. The atmosphere is very comfortable and kind to everyone who comes from different social, profession, and economic backgrounds. Our ministries aim to spread the love and gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached. Currently, God has extended the ministries to many people across the globe.

Our Church Activities:

  • Special sessions for young children
  • Focused sessions with youth team
  • Specific activities and private interviews for teenagers
  • Warfare meets with prayer warriors, who war in the spiritual realm.
  • Entrepreneurs fellowship to steadfast in business growth
  • Fasting prayers once in every week
    Tarry & Pray – 3 days on every quarter of a year
  • 7 days of Vocational Bible School for the children in all our centers
  • Hospital visits – prayer for the Sick people
  • Village visits to spread the good news
  • We love and bless the poor and needy with provisions to show the compassion of God
  • A committed team for prayer support & counselling 24/7
  • Cell group – group prayers at home.

Our Campus:

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be a consistent church in spreading the love, making disciples for Jesus Christ, establishing and multiplying in kingdom work, preaching Jesus and make Jesus known”

  • To Preach the Christ Crucified
  • To Reach the Unreached
  • To Transform many lives
  • To Plant Churches Globally
  • To make Disciples
  • To Extend the Vision

Our Mission

Our goal is to lead people in spirit according to Luke 4: 18-19

  • Proclaim good news to the poor
  • Proclaim liberty to the captives
  • Recovering of sight to the blind
  • Set at liberty those who are oppressed
  • Proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor

Our Belief Statements

  • We believe in trinity – God the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in the virgin birth.
  • We believe Jesus died on the cross, resurrected on the third day and ascended to heaven.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.
  • We believe that we are not saved by our good deeds but by grace through faith in what Jesus did.
  • We believe in baptism through water immersion and baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe Jesus is the head of the church and the church is the body of Christ.

Our Founder


Apostle D. Deva Sagayam (1956 – 2005)

Founder | Peniel Faith Church

Apostle D.Deva Sagayam is the founder of “Peniel Faith Church” and former Managing Director of “Peniel Faith Mission”. He started his ministries in 1984, as led by God to move to Chinmaya Nagar, a place in Chennai city of south India. He started a church at Chinmaya Nagar as directed by Holy Spirit to deliver the people from bondage and sickness. God has ordained him as an Apostle, pastor and to evangelise across the globe. He has traveled more than 36 countries to preach the gospel to unreached. He was an outstanding, anointed servant of God with great revelations from God. God used him mightily with many signs and wonders and authority of speaking over people’s lives that transformed many.

He established a bible college, trained many people across nations and made disciples for Christ. He conducted seminars for pastors and ordained many pastors to plant churches across India. He had a burden to spread the gospel in north India and hence planted a church in Odisha. He always had a kind heart for orphans, poor and needy to shelter them, feed them, and accommodate them.

In short, He was a powerful and anointed weapon in God’s hand before entering into God’s place on 1st March 2005. His mission work is still alive as his mantle is passed to the descendants and the service is now diversified across the globe to glory of our God, the Almighty.

Our Leadership


Ananthabai Sagayam

Director | Peniel Faith Church

Pastor Ananthabai is a director of “Peniel Faith Church” and the wife of Apostle D. Deva Sagayam. She has been actively involved in the ministry since 1982, very passionate, kind and humble woman of God. She is a powerful intercessor, has a heart for the poor and needy and has been a blessing to many. She is the mother of two daughters, one son and a grandmother to 4 grandchildren.


Asher & Anneleise Sagayam

Overseer Pastor

Pastor Asher Sagayam is the overseer pastor of Peniel Faith Mission and also the senior pastor of The Hub Church, Australia. Together with his wife Anneleise, they impact the nations by depositing a fresh passion in the hearts of believers; inspiring them to go deeper in their relationship with God.Pastor Asher has a prophetic and healing ministry and often travels internationally as a revivalist to spread the message of love and hope to ignite the nations for Christ. They have a beautiful son, Enoch.


Amethyst Daniel

Associate Director

Amethyst, daughter of Apostle. Devasagayam and wife of Pastor. Daniel. As a overseer of Peniel Faith Ministries, She is involved in encouraging families, building lives in Christ. An ambitious woman of Christ and an intercessor who is passionate about leading women to strengthen in faith and build the kingdom of God. She empowers women to restore the lost hope and transform their lives to awaken them to strengthen others through love of Jesus Christ. She is the mother of Jason who is 8 years old.


Angeline Mohan

Senior Pastor

Pastor Angeline is one of the Senior Pastors and a Representative of Peniel Faith Church, India. She is a very amiable person who remains unflappable. She is an Anointed woman of God, empowered with changing the climate and focusing women to come out from their issues with God’s love and Prayer. She has a hunger for Planting Churches and counseling peoples in the will of God. Pastor Angeline is a mother of two lovely daughters – Michelle Tianna and Rochelle Johanna.


Mohan Prasad

Senior Pastor

Pastor Mohan is one of the Senior Pastors of Peniel Faith Church, Chennai. He is a charismatic leader who persist for the shepherds at any crisis. He loves to spend his time in prayer and moves with the spiritual gifts to lead people. He is a determined preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, has a passion to help the poor to transform their life’s towards God. God has set him as an Apostle and a Prophet in this season. Pastor Mohan and his wife Angeline work together to build God’s kingdom to glorify God’s name. 


Daniel Vinothkumar

Senior Pastor

 Pastor Daniel is one of the pastors and senior leader of Peniel Faith Ministries.  He is an anointed man of God based in London, a humble servant of God who has been called to be the voice for seasons. God uses him for His glory on reviving people’s mind to turn the focus towards Christ, spreading the love of Jesus, passionate to worship, called to make disciples and moves on prophesy and word of knowledge. God uses him to deliver people across the globe from bondage and sickness through love of Jesus Christ.


Babu Velusamy

Associate Pastor

Pastor Babu is one of the Associate Pastors in Peniel Faith Church, Chennai. His curiosity is to work hard on the battlefield, shine for the Glory of His Kingdom. His love towards God is strong. He has a strong determination to work for Christ along with Peniel Faith Ministries. He helps and supports Peniel Faith ministries along with his family in every aspect with his prayer, manpower and guidance. Pastor Babu along with his family is more vibrant and keen in building God’s kingdom with the love of Jesus Christ.

Peniel Faith Church – Chennai